A Smarter Way to Get Ahead.

There are a lot of ways to do college wrong these days. You can pay way too much for a degree that’s worth far too little. You can choose your major as though you were throwing darts at a wall with a blindfold on. You can end up at a school that makes you miserable and doesn’t meet your needs. Worst of all, you can wind up with decades worth of debt after investing six figures and still not have a viable way to make a living!

Would you like a better way to plan your future?

At Kerrigan College Planning, we understand that college planning these days is very different than it was a generation ago. College is no longer a guaranteed good investment that automatically pays huge dividends to every student who enrolls. Today, college can turn out to be a big financial mistake for a significant portion of attendees.

We’re passionate about protecting families and students from skyrocketing tuition costs and helping them to make smarter choices that are more likely to lead to independent, successful, gainfully-employed adult lives. We work with families to address the full-range of college concerns—from admission to paying tuition to getting hired—with services, products and insights that will help you to navigate today’s extremely treacherous higher education waters successfully.

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